Sagra Signature Fountain Caramel – 32 lbs.

Sagra Signature Fountain Caramel – 32 lbs.


— Made specifically for chocolate fountains or LollyWaffle
— No water or oil needed
— Six 5.5 lb. containers (serves 500-750)
— Rich creamy caramel for fountains
— Doesn’t need heating or prep time

Sagra Signature Fountain Caramel Fondue

Don't settle for a substitute, leave it to the chocolate fountain professionals. Sagra Signature Fountain Caramel is absolutely delicious and made just for chocolate fountains. Best of all it requires absolutely no additional water or oil to run perfectly in your chocolate fountain. Just pour in the bowl of your chocolate fountain, turn the chocolate fountain on and watch caramel as it perfectly flows around the chocolate fountain.

The following items are some ideas, but experiment with the delicious possibilities:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Peanut butter balls
  • Chocolates
  • Various cookies
  • Brownie bites
  • Various pastries

Sagra Signature Fountain Caramel works great in commercial chocolate fountains and home chocolate fountains, fondue pots, baked goods and anywhere else a high quality, "Ready-to-Use" fountain product is needed. Sagra Signature Fountain Caramel features also include:

  • Designed to work in all chocolate fountains
  • No oil or water needed
  • Delicious, rich caramel taste
  • Six 5.5 lb. easy-pour containers
  • Up to 2 year shelf life
  • Sagra Signature quality

Additional information

Weight 14.51495584 lbs


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