Sagra Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate Fondue – 17.5 lbs.

Sagra Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate Fondue – 17.5 lbs.


— Sagra Signature Chocolates quality
— Good for dipping in waffles
— Made in Belgian style with imported cocoa beans
— Ten NON microwavable 1.75 lb. bags (serves appx. 225)
— Hardens in appx. 15-30 minutes depending on temperatures

Sagra Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate Fondue - 17.5 lbs.

The Sagra Hardening Chocolate Coating is good for waffle customers looking for a delicious product that will eventually harden and enrobe your waffle.  If you are deciding whether to use our liquid or hardening coatings for your waffle on a stick, consider these pros and cons:

Liquid Chocolate:

  • Doesn't need heat ever.  Just pour over.
  • Won't harden on the waffle, but keeps a gooey texture.
  • Includes hazelnut flavors that complement many of our waffle mixes.
  • Slightly less cost than the hardening coating.

Hardening Chocolate Coating:

  • Needs to be heated up to become liquid.
  • Will cover the waffle and enrobe it.
  • Will eventually harden on the waffle, but generally after 15-30 minutes.  This can depend on the temperature of the waffle and room.
  • Slightly more expensive than liquid chocolate.

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Weight 18 lbs


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