LollyWaffle Waffle Dog Mix – 20 lbs.

LollyWaffle Waffle Dog Mix – 20 lbs.


LollyWaffle Waffle Dog Mix – 20 lbs.

— Great with standard hot dogs
— Top with a variety of condiments
— Delicious walk-around food (fairs, games, bars and more!)
— Can also be used for chicken and waffles!
— Ready-to-use, just add water
— Lollywaffle Waffle Dog is also great with Chicken and Waffles and Chili

LollyWaffle Waffle Dog Mix – 20 lbs.

LollyWaffle Waffle Dog Mix - 20 lbs.

Wow your customers with a delicious WaffleDog. Using our simple recipe, just add water and you'll have a perfect WaffleDog with a crispy outside. By skewering a standard hot dog, wrapping in our WaffleDog mix and dipping into ketchup or mustard, you'll have customers coming back begging for more. Perfect walk-around food for fairs, sporting events, bars and other applications. Just add 2 cups of water per 1 lb. bag and pour into the LollyWaffle machine. Then rotate your skewered hot dog in the mix. Once cooked, dip into ketchup or mustard and enjoy! The final product is similar to a corn dog, but no deep frying is needed. Also try as chicken and waffles or steak and waffles for additional variations. Made from the finest ingredients, the LollyWaffle is also competitively priced for the food service industry. The WaffleDog mix also works great as a savory base our Fluffies machine and the Stuffer machine - use your imagination for the fillings!

LollyWaffle mixes come with the following features:

  • Shelf stable, appx. 24 month shelf life
  • Weight: 20 lbs. (Twenty one lb. bags)
  • Ready-to-use, just add water
  • Each lb. makes appx. 15 delicious Waffle Dogs
  • Case makes appx. 300 Waffle Dogs
  • Try with hot dog or other meat in middle (chicken and waffles)
  • SPECIAL TREAT: Our Pizza Mix works great with our Fluffies machine to make an unique twist on a personal pizza!

This waffle mix works in the following Sagra machines:

  • LollyWaffle Pro
  • Fluffies Machine
  • LollyWaffle Light>
  • Stuffer Pro

LollyWaffle Waffle Dog Mix - 20 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 9.0718474 lbs

LollyWaffle How To: Waffle Dog/Cornbread Waffle


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