LollyWaffle Sticks – 8000 pcs.

LollyWaffle Sticks – 8000 pcs.


LollyWaffle Sticks – 8000 pcs.

— Packed eight packs of 1000
— The perfect stick for the LollyWaffle
— Thicker than a skewer and not sharp
— Perfect length to fit in the LollyWaffle machine
— Great for skewering string cheese and hot dogs

LollyWaffle Sticks - 8000 pcs.

Our LollyWaffle Sticks are designed specifically for the LollyWaffle. They are the perfect length so they don't stick to far out of the machine (which can cause them to break) and not to short where someone can get burnt. They are the correct thickness so the LollyWaffle doesn't bend or break. They also work well with string cheese (inside the Pizza Waffle), hot dogs (inside the Waffle Dog) and chicken too (chicken and waffles). Available in 1000 pack or 8000 pack (8/1000).

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