LollyWaffle Light

LollyWaffle Light


— Makes six delicious stick waffles (LollyWaffles)
— Light-duty commercial, 180 day commercial warranty
— Adjustable temperature w/ timer
— Cooks six LollyWaffles in appx. four minutes
— Works great with our many w

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LollyWaffle Light Duty Commercial Stick Waffle Maker

The LollyWaffle Light Duty Commercial Stick Waffle Maker is a great entry level machine for those just getting started. The LollyWaffle Light makes six stick waffles in just over four minutes. When combined with our LollyWaffle ready-to-use waffle mixes, you'll have an instant profit center. Please call for programs where you can get a LollyWaffle Light for free with a minimum mix purchase.

The LollyWaffle Light comes with the following features:

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Adjustable timer and thermostat
  • Easy to use with LollyWaffle mixes - just pour in and turn on.
  • Non-stick surface makes clean up a breeze.
  • Don't forget delicious LollyWaffle mixes
  • 180 day Commercial Warranty
  • CE Approval

This machine works with the following Sagra mixes:

  • LollyWaffle Belgian Mix
  • LollyWaffle Chocolate Mix
  • LollyWaffle Red Velvet Mix
  • LollyWaffle Cinnamon Bun Mix
  • WaffleDog Mix
  • Pizza on a Stick Mix (mini-pizza)

Additional information

Weight 14.06136347 lbs

The LollyWaffle Commercial Waffle Stick Maker Demo Video

Spec Sheet for LollyWaffle PRO EXP



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